If you have a knack for creating beautiful jewellery, it is easy to convert it into a part-time business. There are many ways in which you can market your products and make money from this hobby. And if you have an inclination towards business, this can even be your full-time job.

In the past, selling artisan jewellery meant setting up a display at the local crafts fair or pushing pieces through salons. But now, you can use artisan sites like Etsy and sell it to customers with ease.

 Once you set up an online store, focus on making great jewellery, taking good pictures and shipping the goods when the orders come in.

But the competition on the internet is intense. So you have to find your unique selling position (USP) to set yourself apart from the other sellers. Do you have a unique process for making the jewellery, do you source from fair trade suppliers? do you make custom works or do you offer a custom color matching service? Find your ‘story’ and create a buzz around it. Make it easy for people to share your content.

 To add extra attraction, you could use video marketing to create funny skits or prank people while wearing your best pieces.

Know your margins and always sell at a profit. If you try to play the price game, it is always easy for a newbie to outsell you at lower prices. If you do a good job with selling your ‘story’ it will be easy to survive and even thrive without worrying about price undercuts.

To add more customers, you can do a crafts fair appearance with unique pieces. When you get customers at the fair, make sure to tell them about your online shop. And in the same way, announce your unique display at the crafts fair on your site to attract some online customers to the offline world. In this way, you can build a great buzz around your business.