How Jewelers use virtual reality to give customers a unique experience

No one ever expected virtual reality to impact so many different sectors when it was first introduced. Most thought it was something that would only be used by the gaming or movie industry. However, with new breakthroughs in technology, that scenario is changing more and more each day. As it stands now, there are more than a dozen industries implementing virtual reality into their process. That list includes retail, real estate, pornography, medical and educational companies.

The retail business is one that is taking full advantage of everything virtual reality has to offer. Take the jewelry sector for instance. Several top companies are investing money in order to use virtual reality as a tool for customers to view and buy jewels. By putting on a pair of VR headsets, potential buyers looking for jewelry can explore items easily and quickly. Best of all, they are able to check out fine pieces of jewelry using 360 degrees angles, 2D and 3D perspectives. Since the items can be recorded using specialized cameras, the results are amazing.

Using high definition, 4K and other quality, companies can capture the most intricate details of a piece of jewelry. This is crucial since some items tend to have many different parts and elaborate designs. Gemstones and necklaces come to life via virtual reality images and videos. If that wasn’t enough, some companies are going a step further. Using innovative 3D mirrors and virtual rooms, anyone interested in an item can try it on. There are apps which allow people to see how they would look with a piece of jewelry on them. These applications implement high-tech 2D and 3D imaging. They also utilized facial recognition technologies. In turn, prospective buyers can try on any item in an almost life-like experience.

Many of these jewelry businesses are adopting some of the methodology used by adult sites and virtual reality porn. In VR sex videos, individuals are able to ‘feel’ as if they are actually there where the sex is taking place. Moreover, in many of the VR porn movies, the person will think he or she is capable of touching the performers and their body parts. Naughty America VR is one of those adult companies using virtual reality’s engrossing capabilities to their advantage. The result has been millions of visitors and a staggering rise in their VR porn genre.

Perhaps the jewelry sector is counting on having the same success the porn world has had with virtual reality. One thing is clear, many industries have already been changed dramatically by virtual reality. It appears that shopping for jewelry via VR is the next sector counting on that same success.