Nowadays, explainer videos are all the rage. The most successful companies and businesses incorporate explainer videos into their marketing campaigns. This comes as no surprise because explainer videos have proven to have some of the highest conversion rates, making them an extremely effective marketing technique.

Explainer videos are short animated videos that help deliver information in an engaging manner. They present a company’s brand identity, product information, and contact information in an extremely simple yet interesting way.

If you are looking to expand your company’s market reach and hoping to increase customer equity animated explainer videos are the way to go.

There are many different types of explainer videos and every explainer video costs different; they can range anywhere from five thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars and above.

However, one can assess how much a particular explainer video might cost by looking at the factors that affect the cost of producing explainer videos. These include:

  • Scriptwriting

This is one of the key components of creating explainer videos. A script is prepared in accordance with the creative brief that your company produces, cost factors for this script depend on the skill of the team hired to write it. Some companies choose to write their own scripts which helps them save a lot of money at this stage of video production.

  • Character Illustration

Once the script is complete, characters need to be illustrated for your animated explainer video. The video production company that you hire is likely to send you some options to choose from, the cost of this process depends on the number of characters and the detailing of these characters – the more detailed a character the more work will have to be put into illustrating it and the more it will cost.

  • Professional Voiceover

Professional voiceover artists are hired to record an audio version of the finalized script. This audio is then incorporated into the explainer video. Voiceovers are one of the most important components of an explainer video because professionals can set the mood for your explainer video and add a human touch. This is key aspect in making customers relate to the explainer video.

The cost of a professional voiceover depends on the artist you choose to hire. Different artists charge different amounts – some prefer to a flat fee while others charge for the amount of time it takes to record the audio.

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