Professional marketers are on the constant hunt for new marketing strategies and tools to help improve their campaigns. Such a tool has, in fact, come into being and is known as an Explainer video.

Explainer videos are short videos that help present your products and brand identity in an engaging and captivating manner. The way explainer videos have allowed information to be presented to the audience has transformed the marketing industry.

Explainer videos can be extremely diverse in terms of the messages they deliver but all explainer videos have a few defining characteristics:

  • Short and Precise

These videos are known to be short and precise because people tend to get intimidated by videos that take up a lot of time. A short explainer video also helps ensure that the audience remains interested throughout.

  • Relevant to the target audience

Explainer videos are often made with a particular target audience in mind and the entire video is more focused on the target audience and their problems. This makes people feel more identified with the companies proposal.

  • High Quality

You are most likely never to see a low-quality explainer video because they just don’t work. People choose not to watch videos that are low quality and hard to understand; it defeats the whole purpose of a quick and easy way to get messages across.

  • Branding colors

Explainer videos tend to be colorful and eye-catching, typically using colors specific to the brand so as to increase customer recognition of the brand.

  • Animated Characters

Most explainer videos make use of animated characters. These help in creating bring positive imagery which means that viewers are most likely to feel happy when watching the video; a sensation that they might then associate with the brand.

  • Music

Much like animated characters, music helps set the desired mood. This is why relevant background music is a crucial and defining component of explainer videos.

  • Professional voice-over

Although explainer videos are made to be simple videos that are easy to understand, voice overs are added to further simplify them. These voice-overs are usually narrations of what is being shown on the screen.

  • Simple

What defines explainer videos is their simplicity. Although they are short videos, they are not crammed with an overwhelming amount of information. They simply convey the brand identity, product information and contact details through which people may get in touch with the company.

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