Explainer videos are short videos that are used as a marketing strategy by many businesses. Over the years explainer videos have gained a lot of popularity. They are a great asset for businesses and are known to increase their sales after being uploaded on the business website. There are four types of explainer videos that are used by businesses all over the world.


The first type is a live action explainer video, which is not animated and used by businesses to promoteheiand servir goods ces. Some of the best live action explainer videos include “the dollar shave club.” These kinds of explainer videos are best for selling physical products or services that are people-oriented. Another type is animated explainer videos; they are seen as the most popular type of explainer video especially when made for things like software’s. Animated videos are more creative and easier to make and are widely used all over the world.

Whiteboard explainer videos are another type where the animation is drawn by hand on a whiteboard. This type of explainer video is easy to use and cost efficient, therefore it is growing in popularity. Kickstarter explainer video is the fourth type which is mainly used for business projects that are just beginning to take off. This type of explainer video is pretty similar to the other three; however it tends to be longer.

Creating an explainer video is not an easy task but it surely is worth it. It starts with a series of steps beginning with a script. The script is the most important part of the explainer video. An explainer video could have a bunch of amazing graphics and a lot more but it still will not be good enough till a good script is included. It is best if the script is written yourself as you know your customers better than anyone else. Once the script is made you will need a proper voice-over, you will have several choices to choose from.

Once the first two steps are completed you will need to produce the explainer video for which you will need a software that helps with the production process. After choosing the explainer video software you think fits best you can move on to choosing your sound effects and music. There are many places through which you can get these sound effects. Finally you measure the performance of the explainer video and see how it appeals to the customers.

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