If you want a large following and conversion rates, having Explainer Videos on your website is necessary. When you launch your online business, you will hear about these memes. Also, upon consulting your digital marketing experts, they tell you that videos are the king in the modern market. Now, you are in confusion whether to invest in quality content development or explainers.

Remember, you also have a desire to rank better in the search engines. You already know that what search engines desire to fall in love with your website are quality content and a video. But is investing in these aspects beneficial to you or a waste of your time and money? Read on to know.

Producing a High-Converting Explainer'Video

Explainer video enhance information retention

How long do you remember what you see and hear? Well, according to Wharton Research Center findings, people have a retention rate of 10% of what they hear and 50% of what they see. This information is essential when planning your marketing campaigns. While embedding images in your website can boost your marketing, combining visual and audios can double your results.

Take it this way: a person retains 10% and 50% of what they hear and sees respectively, combining the two means that the information retention can be 60% or more. As such, explainer videos are a better strategy for enhancing memorability of your brands and products.

Enhance clarity of your products

Having a high-quality product description does not amount to the same level of conversion. As you know, people interpret information differently. While you may be trying to send specific information about your products, the audience may be getting a different message. As such, your purpose of the content you upload may be hard to achieve.

In this essence, an explainer video can help to clarify the information for better understanding. Also, through them you can offer an adequate explanation of the value your clients will benefit from by using your products. As a result, you can boost your sales and enhance your brand reliability and trust.

Boost your Google ranking

No doubt that Google algorithms change from time to time depending on the needs of online visitors’ preference. The search engines aim to offer the best results possible to help the searchers to find a solution for their problem. In this decade, one of the qualifications to better ranking is having a video embed on your website.

Explainer videos are some of the essential elements that can enhance your SEO ranking. The ranking bots will fall in love with your site if they notice that the information you display is credible. Notably, videos lengthen the time a visitor will spend on a website. Considering that this is the ranking criterion, your site will enjoy this benefit. Thus, it will move up several steps in the Google results.

Animation & Explainer Video Process

Improve your web traffic

How would you feel if you found that your website has received more than a thousand visitors in less than 2 hours? Indeed, this will be a desire of every website owner. Explainer videos are one way of enhancing your web traffic. Mainly, if you are creating videos that go viral, the sharing rate will go up. This way, you will receive unexpected visits and views that will result in high popularity. Notably, high traffic is an indication of reliability. Hence, by boosting it, you create room for earning better SEO ranks. Who will hate such an experience? No one, actually as you can see, explainer videos are a great tool to boost your webpage, so if you want to know how does it work, go to Squareship.com





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